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Custom orders accepted

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Prices for a standard drop/pouch style un-tooled sheath start at --

Small 3-4.5 inch blade- 3/8" welt - $55

Med 4.5-5.5 inch blade - 1/2" welt - $60 

Large 5.5-7 inch blade -5/8" welt - $65 

Other sizes and options are possible, please talk to Cindy for a quote.

Add ons-

Geometric stamping- $10 per sheath

Chromium Free Pig or Goat skin liner - $15 
Kangaroo Veg tan- $25

Figure carving - starting at $15 chat with Cindy for a quote.

$15-30+ for USPS priority insured shipping – rate depends on size and value of knife for insurance


Do I need to send you the knife? For most knives, yes. I want your sheath to fit well. I take every precaution in protecting your knife while in our shop. It will be stored in a protective knife pouch or in its original shipping box. Tables will be free of chemicals and debris while out. The knife will also be oiled with a light coating of Camellia oil after handling. I try to have a quick turnaround time, so your knife is here for as short of time as possible. 

What materials do you use? 
We only use Veg-tan leather for sheaths. We do this to protect the knife by avoiding the chemicals in the chrome tanned leather that may harm the surface of the blade. Most of our leather is sourced from Traditions Leathercraft out of Oklahoma, we also frequently use Wickett and Craig or Hermann Oak. All of these companies have withstood the test of time right here in the United States.    

Sheaths are saddle stitched, using Ritza Tiger Thread it is a finely braided 100% polyester thread that is lightly waxed. It is strong and UV resistant. This thread will stand up to the elements while you are out and about. Saddle stitch is a very strong stitch that weaves two plies of thread back and forth through the holes, so even if on the off chance a stitch breaks or comes loose, your sheath will not unravel. You can send it back to me and I will fix it at no charge.

Dyes and finish coats are dependent on color choice and final sheen- brands that I use are Orion, Fiebings, Angelus and Eco Flo


Each sheath gets a topcoat of Montana Pitch Blend- This is an all-natural leather dressing. I like it because it doesn't change the color of the leather. It darkens it just a touch when applied, after sitting for a few hours the leather goes back to its original color. This adds a layer of protection from water or stains as well as nourishes the leather.


For general maintenance, I would recommend dusting off your leather and reapplying Montana Pitch Blend or another trusted leather conditioner once or twice a year.


If you have any other questions feel free to contact me, my email is