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  • Elk Antler Handle Bowie

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    This is one of my favorite blades and the winner of Best Bowie at the Idaho Knife show in Boise. It is a hand forged blade made from W2 tool steel. It has a clay quenched Hamon. The blade has a full flat grind with a distal taper. The edge was taken down to about .020" for an excellent cutting geometry. The blade was forged and ground. Then it received three normalizing cycles before being clayed and heat treated. 

    The guard is made from heat treated O1 tool steel. It was blued and scrubbed with steel wool. Then it was brought to temper temperature to give it a brown hue. This antiquing process is unique. The ferrule is made from 416 stainless steel. After the hand file work was finished it was heated to a specific recipe to create the brown that matches the antler colors. Finally the antler was shaped from a main beam of an elk antler. It was pinned with a brass pin in the handle to keep it all tight and secure.

    The sheath has a classic hand tool design with a single pin and two tone stain. It is hand sewn and sealed.